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Heeding a Friend’s Advice in Getting a New Apartment

ApartmentI have been looking for an apartment ever since I moved into Melbourne a couple of years ago. I initially stayed with a relative in the suburbs and I had to commute every single day to get to my work. After only several months living in Melbourne, I knew it was time to move out of my relatives’ house and lease a small single-bedroom apartment. Since I was new in the area, looking and choosing the best apartment for me was not really easy. Good thing though, an office mate decided to give me hand as he literally grew up in the city and knows where to look.

So, I got a small apartment with a good-enough view of the city. It wasn’t really my ideal. The one I was hoping to rent was way out of my budget. It had all the modern amenities and luxuries you could ever imagine. Unfortunately, the rent was too way too high for my salary at that time. It would have been a blast. There was also an apartment that fits right in my budget but the view was really obnoxious and the interior was appalling. After several rounds of shopping for a suitable apartment, I ended up with that small unit with a good-enough view of Melbourne, near to my office, and fits right in my price range.

More than a year after I moved into my small apartment, a friend advised me to check out the new apartments for sale on the website of Chilli Realty. He told me that Chilli Realty – Melbourne off the plan apartments specialist – actually specializes in really high-end yet affordable apartment units in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. The company prides itself of actually listening to the needs of their clients so that they can present a list of possible apartment options for their clients to choose from. My friend told me that his aunt recently bought an apartment overlooking Port Phillip through the real estate property specialists from Chilli Realty.

I was earning quite better now even after serving the company for less than 2 years. I guess it was about time for me to move on to a more suitable apartment for me. I did say that my current apartment was not really my first choice, right? As I did in my first apartment hunt, I reviewed my finances so I will know how much I will have to work with. This is something that many potential homeowners don’t give a lot of thought. Many are impulsive buyers that they base their decisions on their emotions. If something appeals to them, then they buy it at an instant. I guess there is essentially nothing wrong with that. But, it does say something about your ability to control yourself and to be as objective as possible in your decisions. If money is not a problem then that should not really be an issue. However, not everyone has the luxury of unlimited wealth, right?

Anyway, after working with my budget, I made a rough outline of what I wanted in my new apartment. I am living alone so I only need a single bedroom apartment. I don’t want it to be large since it would be an awful waste of space. I would like the apartment to have a balcony that opens to a great view of the city. A gym or fitness centre would be a welcome amenity. If it has a swimming pool, then that would be a big plus. I also would like to have an apartment that is accessible to the major transportation hubs in the city or at least be near my workplace. Having a convenience store and other shops in the apartment complex should be excellent. I know I am pushing my luck. However, if Chilli Realty can find me my dream apartment, then I can truly say they are the best in the city of Melbourne.

I met with Peter Davies from Chilli Realty and I shared with him my thoughts on what I consider my dream apartment. We ran through the different parameters that I had in mind with him listening intently to what I am saying. It was quite a pleasant experience actually, to have someone really listen to every word that you are saying. And you can tell that he was really listening because the selection of apartments he presented to me were spot-on. Unfortunately, this posed a problem for me. Now I am given a variety of choices all of which were within my requirements. For the first time in my life, I never thought choosing will be this much difficult. While all the choices reflected all of my requirements, I still had to choose one. And that is what’s really confusing.

So I went with the apartment that had an interior design that is much closer in reflecting my personality. I know this is a very unusual way to choose a new apartment. But, given that all things are equal, then you simply have to create your own primary determinant.

I am now living in my new apartment and I have my friend to thank for introducing me to Chilli Realty. Actually, on hindsight, I wished he introduced me much earlier. Nevertheless, I am happy with my decision.