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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Considering Korean Hairstyle for a New Look

Unlike most girls, I am the risky type when it comes to styling my hair. I often change styles or have it cut whenever I feel like it. Most of the time, it is dependent my mood.

However, my recent hairstyle is not just about spontaneity. I usually do not have regrets when it comes to having my hair styled. But this time, I wanted to make sure the cut does not mess up. Thus, before I got into a salon, I opted to search for my preferred hairstyle on the web for the stylist to have a basis when she styles my crowning glory.

My silky hair, which is a blessing to many, causes it to be unmanageable that is why not all cuts turn out the way I want them to. Contrary to the belief that bad experiences lead people to stop what they are trying out or doing, bad cuts often challenged me to pick a better style next time. You see, I am quite an explorer for trendy and chic hairstyles.

My online search for the perfect hairstyle eventually led to images of Korean-inspired hair looks. These were very pretty styles. I immediately fell in love with a cut and colour that I saved the picture on my mobile device.

After doing so, I then took a time to look for the best Melbourne Korean hair salon. I am one of the girls who strongly believe that hair should be cut by professionals since they really do know better. From the style which suits the shape of your face, the colour that matches your personality, up to the cut and style fit for your lifestyle and hair texture.

I found that some salons in the area are trustworthy, based on internet reviews, while some are small and unreliable. I noted two of the top salons and chose to pay a visit on each.

The promos for one of the salons caught my attention and hit my budget. I then booked an appointment. Thank goodness they are open on the weekends. My current job does not permit any extra time for beautifying myself other than my day-off during Sundays.

Although my choice to go with a Korean hairstyle is predominantly inspired by the image I saw, I am a K-pop enthusiast myself. It has never crossed my mind to take on the same hairstyle as those actresses in Korean dramas I watched because of the fear that it might not suit the shape of my face or because such hairstyle may be hard to maintain. Thus, unnecessarily increasing the stress level I already have from work.

When the day of my supposed appointment came, I first talked to the stylist regarding the style I wanted and asked if it was viable at the very least. I will not forget how the stylist smiled at me and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your hair and you wouldn’t regret getting it styled here.” With that, I felt assured and comfortable in the salon.

Since I wanted to go for a long wavy look for summer, I showed the stylist the image I got from the internet and said I wanted to try out the “air bangs” which supposedly goes along with all Korean hairstyles nowadays.

Due to damaged tips, my stylist recommended that I get my hair cut into a medium length instead. Because of the fear of having more damage prone hair, I agreed to the practitioner’s suggestion.

She also told me that she would be altering the style I showed her just to make sure that it goes well with the shape of my face. After several minutes, the cutting was done. Though it was not part of my original plan, I had my hair dyed into three shades of brown the lightest on serving as minimal highlights to emphasize the cuts.

Thankfully, once again, it was free due to the promo I mentioned. It also included pedicure, manicure, keratin treatment, the hairstyling and the colouring.

After the session, I approached the stylist once more not only to hand a tip but also to ask for maintenance suggestions for my hair. This is given that I really wanted to manage this style.

The stylist said that it not that high maintenance since it only requires regular use of conditioner along with the usual shampoo. She told me I can try out shampoos specifically developed for coloured hair but it is somehow costly.

I also asked if I had to blow dry my hair every day so that I can achieve the look I had before leaving the salon. She answered by saying it is not a necessity but if ever I have extra time to spare, the hair look is indeed enhanced by blow drying it.

I informed her of my hectic schedule and asked for alternatives.  The stylist offered me a hair cream which I can apply to maintain the flawlessness of the hair to be applied anytime within the day provided that it dry. She reiterated that my hairstyle is low-maintenance so there is really not a single reason to worry about managing it.