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Why Exercise Bikes Are Good Fitness Investment

Empowered women juggle both work and domestic life. Some are able to strike a good balance, while others still struggle with time management. With so many tasks at hand, so little time is left for exercise. Thankfully, with today’s wide choices of exercise equipment and even mobile apps, you can now exercise in a jiffy. And of all that I’ve tried, I’d confidently recommend exercise bikes as good fitness investment.

Targets Stomach Fat

We all have fats all over our body and the most stubborn to eliminate is the visceral fat, which is a part of the stomach fat found deep inside the torso. Fortunately, stationary exercise bikes are the perfect tool to make you lose body fats and enhance your cardiovascular fitness so you can say goodbye to your stomach fat permanently. When you cycle, not only will you burn unwanted fats, you also avoid a host of diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and even stroke.

Encourages Serious Dieting

Overall fat loss is impossible without dietary changes. With exercise bikes, you become even more motivated to feed on low-calorie diet because of the visible results you experience in about 2 weeks of regular workout. I personally believe that because of the cycling intensity and regularity, it becomes easier to sweat and burn the calories you’ve consumed in a day. The psychological effect of seeing the fruits of your labor only furthers your motivation to cycle all the way to your desired body weight and shape.

Allows Regular Workout Sessions

One of the reasons why modern women can’t maintain the workout plan they have started is the lack of time. I can very well attest to this and the thought of having to travel to the gym or any other fitness center already tires me. Investing in a good exercise bike makes it convenient to work out twice a day, everyday. After all, in effective overall fat loss, consistency rules over intensity. A medium-intensity cardiovascular exercise of at least 300 minutes in a week is needed. When you can, you need to spread this requirement over 5 days, instead of 7 to allow your body enough recovery time. And investing in a stationary bike can offer you the opportunity to practice distributed exercise sessions. You can cycle or spin at home, in comfortable house clothes and regardless of the weather conditions. You even save logistics costs, therefore contributing to better health and bigger savings.

Firms Muscles and Strengthens Stamina

When I experienced exercising through stationary bikes, I realized anyone can pedal his way to fitness. Cycling does not simply burn fats, but also builds muscles, improves breathing, and strengthens your stamina. This works fine for me as my goal is not to be slim, but fit. Frail bodies won’t make me or anyone productive. More so, considered as an aerobic exercise, biking naturally enhances a person’s breathing and cardio fitness. Unlike other cardio options (e.g., running, wall climbing, swimming, etc) stationary bike exercises are known for their minimal joint impacts. In other words, it’s relatively safer, perfect for beginners.

Saves Money

We already settled that stationary bikes are good investments for they save the owners logistic costs, gym membership fees, and trainer fees. Not to mention, they also save you possible costs incurred on medicine and hospitalization should you become sick. But to truly save on exercising, you need to buy quality equipment, lest you constantly spend on repair and replacement. There are many top rated exercise bikes in Australia, fortunately.

To help make sound decisions, the basic stationary bike types include upright bikes (which enable users to stand up while pedaling), recumbent bikes (offer a relaxing way to cycle and better back support), and dual-action bikes (with movable handle bars that move the upper body, not just the legs). Other options include folding bikes that allow free-standing exercises and interactive bikes that use virtual programs you can follow. Talk to an expert and listen to your body, then you’ll better assess what kind of stationary bike you need.

These benefits, however, will be for nothing if you don’t enjoy cycling to begin with. I suggest you try cycling, spinning, and interactive bike programs in a center for one to three sessions first, then you decide.